Quiet rebellion was born out of a series of conversations which led to some
intriguing bespoke concerts in both strange and unusual spaces.


Far from the treadmill of the usual gig circuit, events bringing together
performance art and pure free musical expression were forged to enable ‘one off’
experiences, both in solo guise with an array of guitar, bouzouki, uke, loop,
pedals and percussion, to an eclectic mix of unconventional musicians
serving the ‘source’


This has served as the ideology to the current day, morphing into modern
folk opera/theatre and taking the creative muse wherever it is desired, called
or, indeed, decides to move through its own volition.


The path is its own, it walks only in its own shadow, it pays homage to those
who inspired it to come this far, whilst aiming to sound like no one but itself
….this is Quiet Rebellion……Poetic, humorous and cathartic in equal measure
and deemed as a connoisseurs obscurity….


     ……….Quiet Rebellion is just like everybody and not a bit like anyone.